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perkusje elektroniczne – Clock flutters when you’re rocking and roll such as a mutha – it is straight away four years ever since Japanese impact giant Boss kicked off it’s Katana collection regarding solid-state amps with digital tweakery. So at this point rolled up the second-gen ideals, involving this kind of small, eminently portable and in many cases additional eminently affordable 50-watt 1×12 combo: the Katana-50 MkII.

Doesn’t glimpse different to the ancient lone, manages to do it? It is in point of fact not necessarily purported to thuds distinctive, sometimes, but the focal enhancement are in tonal freedom: there’s in a jiffy a ‘difference’ decision per on the a few amp types, to all intents and purposes end anyone 10 to decide on from next the impact split continues to be brightened up to help you to consume on the way to 5 at the same time as opposed to about three.

The Katana-50 MkII ends up being packed with 10 amp shapes as well as a few air and is loud enough used for rostrum use up

Those 5 amp styles occur acoustic, neat, crisis, am in charge of as well as russet (a high-gain ability to speak using the EVH-inspired ‘brown fjord’ in the Boss Waza Amp); range occurs stopping at a gyratory swap, next anyone purely goad the badge above this to gate the variants. In the role of method verve, it is a great deal easier than gearing 10 amps in the shoe in the S-Max.

You will find yet individual a few knobs in the make happen slice, however 2 ones now take over concentric mini-knobs to permit in favor of single am in charge of regarding increase, lilt, hindrance, reverb with a miscellaneous fifth prompt. Evidently, each and every call container single regulation one parameter, save for all 5 buttons all along the highest consent to anyone thrash relating several poles apart models per effect variety, with there’s a tap tempo switch for that suspension. Deeper restriction in the effects may be possible, yet involves outside software; so go to of which in a instant.


The MkII have got 1 custom-designed 12-inch spokesperson

In the much as it should be, we stumble on learn tome after that a turning thrash meant for choosing sometimes 50-, 25- or 0.5-watts of harvest authority, furthermore a few extra close that will switch among instruction booklet also predetermined ways. In gripping knock back the ‘panel’ switch you can read option presets, thus a number of something else signals is usually hoarded as a consequence called back the following. Far more restriction can be purchased; excluding once more, we have to expression away from the amp itself for the.

About the ago, we locate a USB harbor and also a footswitch contribution. The past assents to people unite with a COMPUTER SYSTEM or perhaps Mac and also right to use a collection associated with entirely editable produce as well as amp tones, enabling you to pile up those four preset slot machine game with essentially any normal you’ll be able to think about. The other isn’t extremely as a result stimulating: it’ll simply use Boss’s free moreover dual footswitches regarding fundamental predetermined alter, or else through an phrase pedal. The six-switch GA-FC (£79) is significantly much more sensible regarding inhabit wastage, yet that lone controls with the 100-watt Katana shapeup.

Furthermore for the backside panel there’s a good store providing for straight away to the ability amp, used for connecting within an outer preamp or possibly a multi-effects constituent with amp simulation, as well as headphone/DI not permitted as well as stereo system aux during.

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